The complex continent.

There is no such thing as an “Africa Expert”. No single person has the time, the resources or expertise to do the research required to truly understand a continent of 1.2 billion people.

On the other hand, modern technology offers a tremendous promise: a single “Africa Expert” is not needed, because all statistics are at our fingertips, all research is just a Google search away, the most specialized of specialists can be informally approached on Twitter.

But who has the time to constantly read dozens of news sites, follow hundreds of talking heads on social media and build spreadsheets of interesting, but obscure information, all just to identify the stories that matter and the trends worth following?

You probably don’t have the time. But luckily, you don’t need it, either. You can just subscribe to the Africa Insiders Newsletter.

It is our job and we take it seriously. Every day we read, follow, research about everything related to Africa. And once a week, we distill the results into a single newsletter, designed to bring our insights to you.

Our stories are quick to read, but thanks to copious amounts of links to our sources, you can drill down into the details as much as you want. No matter if you are interested in the headlines, or want to get lost in the weeds: the Africa Insiders Newsletter has you covered.

Our coverage goes beyond the clichés of Africa reporting. You will get writeups about conflicts and catastrophes, sure. They are important features of the world to understand and our focus is always on the potential of a situation, not the desperation. But you will also read about the issues impacting the vast majority of Africans that are not facing immediate crisis. From mundane politics to the currents of culture, we keep an eye out for the dynamics that offer a window into the contemporary experience of the continent.

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