Vanquishing the public order laws

Sudan's public order system could be used to justify any number of efforts to subjugate women. Officials relied on the system to dictate what women could wear, where they could go, who they could talk to. The tight system of control was upheld with the threat of flogging even though that punishment had been declared a violation of the African Charter of Human and People's Rights. → Read the rest “Vanquishing the public order laws”

Will Aisha el Shater be free?

Human right organisations including Amnesty International are sounding alarms over the maltreatment of a female activist held by Egyptian authorities since 2018. Aisha el-Shater spoke out against human rights violations and forced disappearances of activists before she herself was detained. She has been kept in solitary confinement since then and denied critical medical care, reports say. → Read the rest “Will Aisha el Shater be free?”