Nigeria Escalates Criminalization of its LGBT Community

The essentials: The trial of 47 Nigerian men accused of public displays of affection with people of the same sex began last week. If they are convicted, they could be sentenced to up to 10 years in prison.

The context: Former Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan signed the Same Sex Marriage Prohibition Act into law in 2014, banning gay relationships in the country. → Read the rest “Nigeria Escalates Criminalization of its LGBT Community”

Activists call for release of detained Nigerian journalist

The essentials: Yele Sowore, a media entrepreneur and former presidential candidate was dramatically arrested in court by the Department of State Services in direct contravention of a prior court ruling. Sowore has been detained since August for organising anti-government protests.

The context: Sowore, publisher of the news website Sahara Reporters and a 2019 presidential candidate was first arrested on August 3rd for organising anti-establishment protests that he called ‘Revolution Now’. → Read the rest “Activists call for release of detained Nigerian journalist”

Nigeria, Niger, Benin to form joint border patrol team

The essentials: Foreign Ministers of Nigeria, Niger and the Republic of Benin met in Abuja last week to discuss issues around Nigeria’s partial border closure. The delegates agreed to a joint border task force to combat smuggling.

The context: Nigeria’s August border closure continues to be an inconvenience for its eastern and western neighbours, Benin and Niger. → Read the rest “Nigeria, Niger, Benin to form joint border patrol team”